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 The Forums Rules

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PostSubject: The Forums Rules   Wed Dec 31, 2008 6:57 am

Forum Rules

Spamming is when you post something pointless or just put pictures and no writing that is spam.

2.Double Posting
Double posting is posting 2 or more times in a row wait for someone to post first.

3.Double Account
Double accounting is when you make 2 account's this is not allowed and both your accounts shall be perma banned if this happens

3.Dont Cuss
Cussing is when you say something rude to another penguin this shall lead to a straight infraction.

4.RolePlaying A Mod
Roleplaying a mod is when you act like a mod saying this needs locked or this is pointless that's a mods job not yours.

Please could you tryuse good grammar so people know what you are saying.

6.Dont Ask To Be A Mod
Dont ask to be a mod or you shall lower your chances alot.

7.No Hacking/Cheating Discussion
Don't post anyting about cheating or links to third party programs. This also includes password sharing.If you do you could get a perma ban.

Bumping is when you post in a toipc that is over1 week old

9.Personal Information
Dont give away any personal information such as your last name your address or house/phone number.

Advertising is when you post in a topic saying your site you may only advertise in your sig.

If you get 5 infractions then you shall have to get a perma ban.

If someone post's something innaproprite then please report it and dont post in that topic untill a admin/mod deals with the problem.

13.Don't post inappropriate pictures/langauge
This mean's anything that is meant for adults that you shouldn't be posting or telling penguins.

14.The Law
Please dont talk about breaking the law or you shall be perma banned and ip banned

The Forum is copyright so if you steal anything I will report you too the program the powers your site and you shall get your site sadly deleted forever or it may have to be taken to court.

Thank you all for reading

~Club Penguin Zone Staff
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The Forums Rules
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